In the land of Faerun there are many adventures and far many more adventurers. Death or glory awaits all who purse a life of awesome proportions. tales of a kobold band being slaughtered has been ravaging the valley of Gardbury Downs, many greatly exaggerated. The tribe of mighty warriors now known as “the demon slaying giants” and “great warriors of the north” and ” those assholes who mercilessly killed those poor kobolds who never did none no harm anyway, i heard they took one prisoner and pinned its hands to its ears! savages!!!” they have now returned to Winterfell loaded with spoils and a bit of blood on their boots… but in a world of Frost giants and Silver dragons can Viet (the destroyer), Vorbulous (the inhaler), Dorrak (the Mace), and Premethrous (the exploder) have what is takes to achieve glory and fame, or will they die slow deaths by the hand of an unloving god?

tales of faerun